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David Caterisano


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Upon retiring from the United States Coast Guard, I desired a change that allowed me to grow as a professional and spend more time helping others in more capacities. Symmetry provided the roadmap to create my future and I just needed to apply discipline, hard work, and determination to become successful. I didn't have to invent the bridge to step into business ownership. I get to build it using this proven system. I am committed to growing our culture and making Symmetry a household name!

- David

What Sets Us Apart? Our Core Values


Core Value #1

Relationships matter, people come first

Core Value #2

Relentless pursuit of personal growth

Core Value #3

Open, honest and productive communication

Core Value #4

We do the right thing even when no one is looking

Core Value #5

We work as a true team and strive to be positive

Core Value #6

We act like owners because we own it

Core Value #7

Being of service and doing good in the world

Core Value #8

We have fun and get stuff done

Find Success at Symmetry


We believe that with hard work and dedication, growth potential is limitless. This attitude does not start and end at work, but it is reflected in all aspects of our lives. From helping others to building impactful relationships, our people-first mentality is contagious.

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Once you’ve joined our team, you’ll be a part of something truly special. Symmetry Financial Group agents gain access to exclusive courses and leadership programs designed to provide opportunity, guidance and feedback. We will be right there to support you as you achieve personal and professional growth.

Symmetry Impact
Celebrating team members making a difference in their communities.
A platform for women to amplify their impact in the workplace + the world.
Courses, calls + guides to support personal growth + leadership development.